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Door Stoppers W/ Handle

$19.95 $29.95

Dog: This charming little terrier will hold the door open for you whenever you like, and the tall decorative handle makes him a cinch to move. This cast iron door stop will delight you with both his cuteness and functionality.
8.5" x 3.38" x 19"

Cat: This cast iron kitty cat is ready to welcome your guests. You'll love this sweet little cat figurine as it holds open your door for friends or fresh summer breeze, and the tall handle makes moving it from place to place easy. 4" x 2.5" x 14.5"

Rooster: Keeping your door open has never looked more welcoming than it does with this cast-iron rooster. This unique door stopper features a strutting rooster below, and above is a handy handle that makes moving it a cinch. 8.75" x 3" x 24.8"


Cast iron.